Photoshopper Hilariously Trolls People Who Ask Him To Edit Their Pics


Humanity is pretty damn vain, and when coupled with laziness you have a photoshopper’s wet dream – scores of people who want their pictures to look different and want someone else to do it.

This is where James Fridman comes in.

The viral image editor has yet again utilised his art to troll people that come to him change their pictures – usually out of said vanity.

With James you should always be careful what you ask for!

He will always do his best to honour your wishes…

But it will almost certainly not be what you had in mind!

And with over 880 thousand followers online, his hilarious exploits are going down a treat.

But he does also use his powers for good, explaining to people who need it that it is possible to be perfectly imperfect.

Outstanding work.

James, take a bow!