Picture Of David Haye’s Ruptured Achilles Is Absolutely Horrific

by : UNILAD on : 10 Mar 2017 15:54

Warning: Graphic Content Ahead


Here’s a picture of David Haye’s ruptured Achilles after last weekend’s fight with Tony Bellew


If you have any food on you, now would be a good time put it to one side because we don’t want to be responsible if you end up vomiting all over yourself.

You have been warned…


Gross right? Okay you can go back to munching on your grub… if your stomach is up for it.


By now you all know what happened in the long-awaited clash between Bellew and Haye on Saturday at the O2 in London Arena. The Liverpudlian knocked Haye out in the eleventh round after the South London heavyweight injured his Achilles in the sixth.

Despite pleas from commentators, some concerned viewers on social media and even Bellew himself, Haye soldiered-on to the 11th round, showing the heart of a true fighter.

Granted there were some of us in the office that were less-than-impressed with how the fight played out, but the general consensus is that it was a brilliant display of pugilism on the night.


While David Haye won’t have won him any supporters for his pre-fight shenanigans in the build-up (after all this is a guy who once said this to someone), he’s at least won their begrudging respect.

That includes Bellew, who said in a post-fight interview with the BBC:

He went beyond the call of duty… I said, ‘stop, stop’ and he went ‘no’. He gets a lot of admiration from me from a sportsman’s perspective.


Despite the loss and devastating injury The Hayemaker has no plans to retire, in fact he’s hoping that Bellew will grant him the opportunity of a rematch.

Speaking to Sky Sports he said that he lives ‘to fight another day’, stating that:

Other athletes have come back in six to nine months after the same injury, I am in a good condition, a healthy-living person and I am looking forward to getting back in there.

Let’s hope David Haye retires from boxing whilst he’s still fit and healthy, and not let the sport retire him as we’ve seen it done tragically to so many in-ring legends of the past.

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