Picture Of Woman With ‘Massive Penis’ Goes Viral


It’s another day, and there’s another viral optical illusion permeating the world wide web and befuddling observers.

We’ve lost our collective head over missing legs before, from this group of girls enjoying a casual beer to supermodel Kendall Jenner‘s embarrassing photoshop fail, and we’ve mused over this apparently three-legged woman.

But the latest optical illusion sees this woman changed the game up with an extra thigh-sized appendage that has the internet giggling like schoolkids… Because we all have the ability to suspend reality and see a dick handing between her legs, apparently.


The photograph shows a young woman wearing her work uniform with pride.

Unfortunately, the combination of her short shorts, her stance and an inconveniently placed shadow falling onto her left leg makes it look rather like she has a 20 inch flaccid penis hanging from her groin.


This picture might be rather embarrassing for the young woman – who almost certainly does not have a 20 inch appendage.

On the upside, it has provided Joe Public with at least three minutes of distraction from real life after it was posted on Imgur, which is nice, I guess.