Pictures From Game Of Thrones Filming May Show How Jon Snow Is Still Alive


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Yet more confirmation seems to have been handed to us that Jon Snow is alive after all.

In one of the great TV cliff-hangers, Kit Harington’s popular character was ‘killed off’, yet all summer long, speculation over his fate raged on.

The cast have been dropping spoilers, and vitally, Harrington failed to get rid of his trademark Jon Snow hairstyle.

Now, pictures from filming have been leaked to the press, showing Snow on set once more – and not only do they hint that he could be alive, they also spoiler how that could happen.

Harington was spotted next to a woman who looks suspiciously like The Red Witch Lady Melisandre, adding weight to the fan theory that he could well have died, but will be brought back from the dead.

That would of course mean show producers and the cast were not lying when they claimed Snow was ‘100%’ dead.

It’s not the first time the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch has been spotted on the Belfast set, and as yet more pictures emerge, a clearer picture forms of just how Snow could be back on our screens.