Pictures Show Brutal Aftermath Of Attempted Hit On Mob Boss

mobWikimedia / Paramount Pictures

Yesterday afternoon, tourists in Edinburgh were left terrified when a gangland attack took place in broad daylight, leaving one drug kingpin slashed open and bleeding heavily on a busy city street.

Just 100-yards away from Princes Street and the Balmoral Hotel, heroin baron, Sean McGovern, was stabbed in the back of the head by two knife wielding hitmen as he got out of a car, reports the Daily Record.

The hitmen then sprinted off while McGovern, who was bleeding heavily, chased after them before dropping to the ground.

The revenge attack was clearly very well planned and left McGovern, who was dressed in joggers, a baseball cap and glasses in disguise, drenched in blood.

McGovern was sent down for 17-years back in 2009 for heroin dealing and for firing a shotgun in a pub as a direct threat to one of his rivals.

The criminal was out on day release at the time of the attack, being driven round in a £42,000 Mercedes directly behind the prison bus.

One witness said:

The man got out of the car and looked around for a few seconds, then opened the back passenger door and leaned inside as if he was picking something up.

Two men in running clothes ran over and one of them leaned inside the car. There seemed to be a struggle in the back.

The witness added:

Then the two men sprinted off down the middle of the street at full pelt. The man ran after them, shouting.

Blood was running down his face and body. His T-shirt was soaked with it. It looked like he’d been stabbed in the neck or the back of his head.

A woman got out of the Mercedes and started shouting, ‘You bastards!’ She was screaming hysterically. Everyone on the street seemed frozen. No one could believe what they were seeing.

Following the attack, the hitmen sprinted to a nearby getaway vehicle and drove away from the scene of the crime.

Police are currently searching for the attackers.