Piers Morgan Ate A Huge Slice Of Humble Pie In One Tweet


Piers Morgan has admitted he was ‘completely wrong’, everyone.

Yep, in never-seen-before news, the King of provocation and attention seeking has taken back his criticisms of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn has defied all expectations, garnering so much support from both young voters and working class UKIP supporters that even Piers couldn’t deny his inspirational result.

In a tweet, Piers wrote:

I think Mr Corbyn has proved a lot of people, including me, completely wrong.

Labour has won 261 seats in Parliament, more than the exit polls predicted, which has held the Conservative party back from getting an overall majority in Westminster.

Though Theresa May is joining forces with the Democratic Unionist Party, Corbyn will be a strong force in the House of Commons.

Piers wasn’t the only one eating a huge slice of humble pie, journalist Sunny Hundal also held his hands up.

David Schneider, the actor who admitting he had doubts about Corbyn, took it all back.

So many people were convinced that no one would vote for Corbyn, but he has proved them all, getting an estimated 72 per cent of young people to the polling stations compared to 43 per cent in the 2015 election.

While it was expected to be a landslide for the Conservatives, ending up with an increased majority, instead Labour have gained at least 29 seats, and the Tories have lost at least 12 – resulting in a hung parliament.

As if Jeremy hadn’t performed enough miracles, he got Piers to take back some of his judgmental chatter.