Piers Morgan Calls For Tony Blair To Take Over From Boris Johnson

by : Daniel Richardson on : 19 Jul 2021 11:23
Piers Morgan Calls For Tony Blair To Take Over From Boris JohnsonPiers Morgan Calls For Tony Blair To Take Over From Boris Johnson

Piers Morgan has issued a bizarre statement in which he called for former Labour prime minister Tony Blair to take control of the government’s pandemic response. 

As a broadcaster and journalist, Morgan has made a career from airing controversial opinions. He has now taken aim at Boris Johnson in a tweet criticising the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen three separate lockdowns.


Morgan suggested that former prime minister Tony Blair would be better suited for managing the situation.

The tweet asks if Blair can be put in charge before he explains the reasoning behind his opinion:

Can we put Tony Blair in charge of the Govt’s pandemic response?

Whatever you think of him, he’s consistently had a better grasp of the issues & how best to tackle them than Boris Johnson or any of the Cabinet.


Morgan’s tweet came on the morning of what has been dubbed ‘Freedom Day‘, where the UK lowers its lockdown restrictions despite the warnings of scientists and other nations. In fact, New Zealand has labelled the action as ‘unacceptable’.

With that said, not everyone was impressed with the thought of Blair returning to power. Not only would it defy democracy as we know it, but Blair was no stranger to controversy.

Most of the comments focused on the 2003 Iraq war, which saw the UK join the US in an invasion of the country. It was claimed there was evidence of nuclear weapons being built in the country, but this supposed evidence was never found.


Of course, others agreed with Morgan, with one person writing, ‘Blair’s biggest strength is building global consensus & that’s exactly tackling pandemic needs at this time. Totally agree.’

There were also comments from people who didn’t understand why Morgan made the statement, with one reading, ‘Sure, he can stand for Parliament and work his way up? Sorry you struggle to understand how democracy works. Perhaps a little more reading and less socialising?’


Throughout the responses to Morgan, there were concerns about the removal of COVID-19 safety measures, and it is evident that he has split public opinion.

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