Piers Morgan Calls Out BBC For Sharing X-Rated Pic Of Him And Trump

by : UNILAD on : 03 Feb 2018 10:17

Piers Morgan has called out the BBC for publishing a lewd cartoon depicting him and Donald Trump.


The image was broadcast on BBC Two programme The Mash Report, during a segment by comedian Rachel Parris who was talking about the recent interview between Morgan and the US president.

Parris compared the interview to that of Richard Nixon and David Frost back in 1977, saying: ‘The staging hinted at a great intimacy between the two men’.

Here’s the clip from The Mash Report:

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Morgan took to Twitter to express feelings towards the image, posting it three times in the process, questioning how it would have been received if it were a female journalist and UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

Morgan’s initial tweet read:

The BBC thinks this is OK to broadcast. But if it depicted high profile women, there would be outrage. Why the double standard?

He then tweeted the image twice more with other points he wanted to make:

If the BBC broadcast an image like this after a female journalist interviewed @theresa_may – all hell would break loose & people would be fired. Gender equality shouldn’t just apply to pay – should it?

Before turning the tables on the BBC, mentioning the recent scrapping of Formula One grid girls.


So we can’t have #gridgirls or #walkongirls because the imagery is ‘demeaning’. But the publicly-funded BBC can broadcast this about 2 men? Any comment, @Ofcom?

As you’d expect, the image and Morgan’s tweets quickly caught the attention of people of the internet.

Some agreed with Morgan, some didn’t… and some decided to just make fun of the whole thing. Whatever the stance, it made for some pretty interesting (and at times, funny) reading.

Lord Sugar could not help but have a bit of a pop:


A photo of Trump’s mother was shown during the ITV interview, and people couldn’t help but point out the same blonde bouffant nature of their locks.

Speaking about his hair, Trump said:

People find it hard to believe it’s my own, but it’s hanging in. Barely.

The public were also fascinated by the president’s drinking habits as well, with several people pointing out that the renowned germaphobe had a white cover over his glass of water.

It raised concerns that the president has become a bit ‘paranoid’.

A bemused Graeme Demianyk‏ posted an image of the water with the caption : ‘Trump’s glass of water with paper cover #TrumpMorgan.’

While Ben Glaze wrote:

He’s covered the top of his water glass with the paper coaster thing. That is proper paranoid. Does he think Piers is going to lace his drink?

One line in particular from his interview triggered a lot of UK viewers who were shocked to hear Trump’s claim he is ‘very popular in your country’.

Piers responded saying ‘Let’s not be too hasty Mr President’, before Trump said ‘I know but I believe that, I really do. I get so much fan mail from people in your country’.

Following the interview, Morgan has been criticised by a number of people for not challenging the president enough during their chat.

Responding, Morgan said:

I have interviewed him many times, there is a trust there. He is someone I consider to be a friend of 10 years – I wasn’t going to stamp on his head and bring a club out as some people wanted me to.

Oh dear.

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