Piers Morgan Loses It On Live TV During London Terror Attack Interview

by : UNILAD on : 05 Jun 2017 13:06

Piers Morgan came to verbal blows with culture secretary Karen Bradley live on TV as she repeatedly dodged questions about police cuts during an interview on ‘Good Morning Britain’.


The outspoken broadcaster was talking to the MP standing for Staffordshire Moorland following Saturday night’s terror attack in London which left seven people dead and 48 injured.

Morgan was trying to get an answer to the question: ‘Do we have more or fewer armed police than we had in 2010?’

Check out the tense exchange here:

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Karen swerved the question, saying: 

We have protected the counter-terrorism budget, which means specialist officers have been protected and we have increased in real terms.

Piers cut in, asking again: ‘DO WE HAVE MORE OR FEWER ARMED POLICE THAN WE HAD IN 2010?’

Still no direct answer…

The question was prompted when Piers recalled Prime Minister Theresa May’s comments seven years ago when she was Home Secretary, where she criticised officers for ‘scaremongering’ when they slammed police cuts.

After further attempts, Piers added: 

Still I want a straight answer, do we have more or less armed police?

Viewers took to Twitter to praise Morgan (a rare sight!) for his probing.


Earlier on, Piers had an equally fiery encounter with North London Muslim leader, Imam Ajmal.

Imam accused Piers of adopting a ‘them and us’ approach when he talked about followers of the religion – this didn’t steer Piers away from quizzing him on Mosques funded by certain ethnic groups, according to the Sun.

Officers investigating Saturday night’s terror attack say they know the identity of the three attackers.

Police attended the scene of the ‘major incident’ at London Bridge, after a white van mounted the curb at speed, hitting pedestrians before stabbing members of the public in nearby Borough Market.

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