Piers Morgan Tells Kim Kardashian Her Nude Selfie Is ‘Embarrassing’


Piers Morgan has laid into another woman’s selfie – this time, it’s another of Kim Kardashian’s and he’s telling her to ‘put it away’.

In this week’s issue of Closer magazine, he has called Kim K ‘pathetic’ – which is pretty rich.

The Good Morning Britain presenter said Kim is ’embarrassing’ her children – because, he’d know – and said she, and fellow selfie-lover Emily Ratajkowski, are ‘setting feminism back years’.

They’re really not Piers. If anything, you are.

According to Mail Online, he said:

I think it’s pathetic. If I was in a room with Kim now, I’d say, ‘Put it all away, you’re a mum to three kids – it’s embarrassing’.

Imagine being a mum and thinking, ‘Ooh I must show my breasts and flash my bottom on social media’. So embarrassing – have some social decorum!

Piers was on Kim Kardashian‘s ‘enemy’ list of recipients receiving a bottle of her exclusive perfume, last month, which he seemed pretty happy to receive.

In a tweet, he said he was ‘proud’ to have made it onto the exclusive, special list.

He tweeted:

Proud & humbled to be the only man to make @KimKardashian’s Valentine’s perfume hate list! #KeepingAwayFromTheKardashians.

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Last year, after Kim posted a nude picture, which again, Piers took offence to, he replied: ‘I know the old man’s $50 million in debt, Kim (a reference to Kanye’s claims of financial hardship) but this is absurd. Want me to buy you some clothes?

Replying, Kim said:

Hey @PiersMorgan. Never offer to buy a married woman clothes. That’s on some Ashley Madison type sh*t. #forresearch.

This is the image he was so offended by:

Kim Kardashian/Twitter

Emily Ratajkowski has been critiqued by public antagonisers such as British journalist Piers, who seems to think the supermodel fancies him and she can’t be a feminist because she posts naked selfies.

Piers said of Emily’s selfies:

It’s b*llsh*t. It’s setting feminism back years – feminism is about gender equality and women’s rights and there is nothing empowering about flashing your boobs. They’re hijacking the feminist movement and wrecking it for everyone.

Emmeline Pankhurst and the Suffragettes did not risk their lives so that Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski could get their t*ts out.


The Emily and Kim posted a selfie which, quite frankly sums up my feelings towards Pier’s views on feminism.

In March last year, Piers said on Good Morning Britain:

I saw Kim Kardashian flipping the bird doing a topless selfie to her millions of followers, many of whom are impressionable young girls –that can’t be a good example of feminism.

She does it in the name of liberating and empowering women and feminism, to me that can’t be and shouldn’t be what feminism is.

Here’s that picture again:

Kim Kardashian West/Instagram

Still struggling to understand exactly why Piers Morgan, or anybody, would be offended by the sight of the human form.