Pigs Brutally Tear Giant Python To Pieces In Savage Revenge Attack


Hell hath no fury like ‘revenge-seeking- boars’ apparently, as they were captured mercilessly torturing a snake who ate one of their young. 

Not many creatures in the animal kingdom would choose to mess with a giant python, but these wild boars thought nothing of it if it meant they could unleash their fury.

The hungry 8ft python slunk into their home and swallowed one of their piglets whole for a tasty little snack, but was unaware of the fate he was about to meet, the Daily Mail reports.

The rest of the pack were not prepared to take this lightly though and immediately descended upon the serpent as it tried to make its escape.

The vicious pigs surrounded the now-bloated python and took out their anger in the most brutal of ways…

They sunk in their teeth, clamping down on the snake’s body, before fiercely ripping it apart.


The helpless snake did not stand a hope-in-hell’s chance of escaping that one, as even the piglets joined in to torture the creature.

They weren’t going to let it get away with feeding on one of their offspring and made sure they made their point damn well clear…

Although the exact location of where this shocking scene took place, reports suggest it was filmed in Laos or Thailand last year.

Here’s the full shocking footage below, but be warned it is quite graphic:


After that dramatic incident, I bet snakes and other slippery serpents will be avoiding that boar den from now on…

Who knew pigs could be so brutal?