Plane Bursts Into Flames Moments Before Takeoff At New York Airport


This footage of a burning plane, just as it was about to take off, is definitely not what you want to watch before you board a flight…

This terrifying video has emerged showing the shocking moment a plane erupted into flames on the runway at JFK Airport in New York.

Witnesses claim there was a ‘sudden explosion’ before the plane broke out into a fire ball.

Twitter/Alice Zhang

Miraculously, no-one was evacuated and no-one was injured despite the scary looking scene.

A passenger named Axel waiting to board another plane filmed the Argentina Airlines flight as it exploded into flames.

He exclaimed:

We are all fine! He was filming the takeoff and suddenly exploded and the right engine caught fire. Very well handled the situation [by the] crew. Thank God it was not five minutes later.

According to reports, the engine overheated on the Buenos Aires bound plane, catching fire while on the runway at 11pm New York time.

Another passenger due on a different plane also took photos of the frightening experience and posted them to Twitter.

She wrote:

Yeah so I’m on the runway about to take off and another plane just landed next to us and IT WAS ON F*****G FIRE

That’s just what I wanna see before takeoff well it’s been nice knowing you all.

Twitter/Alice Zhang

The fire service rushed to the scene, but spokesman Steve Coleman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, told WSBTV the flames had thankfully subsided by the time they arrived.

As yet, the exact cause of the blaze is not known, but the plane has been taken back for examination.

You wouldn’t want to get on a flight after that though would you…