Plane Forced To Make Emergency Landing After Stag Party Kicks Off

by : UNILAD on : 29 Feb 2016 11:46

A Ryanair flight from London was forced to make an emergency landing after a rowdy stag party caused problems on board.


The 12 lads were headed to Bratislava, Slovakia for Josh Mariner’s stag party when they began brawling on the plane, The Sun reports.

Two of the men were said to have traded slaps and punches after shouting at each other across the aisle of the Boeing 737, with one of them yelling: “I’d stab you in the face with a fork.”


Footage obtained by The Sun shows the pair exchanging blows at 30,000 feet as fellow travellers try to calm them down.


According to The Sun, cabin crew initially did nothing to stop them before the pilot finally had enough and announced an emergency stop in Berlin, where six of the 12-strong group, including the groom, were removed – and apparently continued to party in Germany.

Witnesses say the lads had drunk heavily at Luton airport before boarding the flight to Bratislava.


One passenger told The Sun:

I’m amazed they were allowed to get on. They were sinking so much beer at the departure lounge it was frightening.

There were women and kids on board but they couldn’t care less. They swore and shouted at one another, then it kicked off.

According to passengers, the crew were useless – getting more irate with passengers filming the brawl then those throwing punches.

The rowdy lads now face fines upwards of €25,000 (about £20,000) – maybe next time they’ll think twice before starting a punch-up at 30,000 feet.

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  1. The Sun

    ‘I’d stab you in the face with a fork’: Watch the shocking moment a drunken stag party come to blows at 30,000ft