Plane’s Emergency Exit Door Flies Off Right Before Take-Off

by : Daniel Richardson on : 12 May 2021 15:01
Plane's Emergency Exit Door Flies Off Right Before Take-Off KBJR-TV/WLUC

A small Boutique Airlines plane was taking off in Minneapolis when shocked passengers noticed the door flew off. 

A lot of people get nervous before taking a flight, and a small group of passengers experienced the stuff of nightmares on the runway of Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.


The passengers on an eight-seater plane have described how the door of their aircraft suddenly flew away.

Plane Loses Door (WUPM)WUPM / Facebook

A passenger named Tom Yon told WUPM about what happened during the short-lived flight:

We were just about to take off probably going, I don’t know 100 miles per hour, and the door just flew off, a loud bang, and the door flew off and the noise and the wind and everything. I didn’t even see my bag get sucked out of the plane. I got it right here, this bag right here, got sucked right out of the plane. They gave it to me about an hour after take-off.


Fortunately, no one was hurt and the flight stopped before taking off.

The suction effect on the plane sounds like something out of an action movie, but Yon has stressed that the situation was unpleasant. Yon noted that the experience ‘was scary, it was scary. If there would have been a person sitting on the plane with a baby on their lap, I don’t know what would have happened.’

Another passenger, Mike Parra told KBJR 6: ‘It happened so fast, and it was so unusual, we’re all looking at each other like ‘did that just really happen?’ Parra added that his daughter could have been injured, ‘I’m sitting there looking at my daughter hanging out this door. Except for the safety strap, she would’ve been on the floor.’

Boutique Air (Facebook)Boutique Air / Facebook

Metropolitan Airports Commission officials have now assessed the situation and confirmed that the flight never took off and returned to its gate at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. Shortly after, Yon’s bag was returned and the vehicle’s door was recovered.

While everyone appeared safe after the incident, the airline has been criticised for not taking action immediately after the event. In response, Boutique Airlines announced that the two pilots had failed to complete a pre-flight checklist and as a result, their employment contracts were terminated.

Furthermore, on Monday the company announced its plans to resign from its contract with the Gogebic-Iron County Airport, although a specific reason why was not given.

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