Plans For Beijing Airport Mocked For ‘Looking Like A Vagina’


Chinese social media users have likened the designs for the ‘world’s largest airport terminal’ to a vagina.

The design for Beijing Airport’s Terminal one were created by the late Zaha Hadid, has left many scratching their heads as to how the resemblance has gone unnoticed, reports the Daily Mail.

Images of the planned building were revealed in early April, but a 3D model posted online has caused the controversy.


Yang Jinlin posted the innocuous photo online before it was edited by Weibo users who spotted the unfortunate similarity to the female anatomy.

The post read:

Here’s a bird’s-eye view of the design for the new Beijing Airport. Do you know the name of the designer?’

Bai Li Xiong commented: ‘Was it inspired by the form of the human body?’

Da Hai Lan then sarcastically pondered if the terminal was intended to ‘seduce the People’s Daily building’, which had looked like a penis while under construction.

It has also been defended by a select few, who told other commenters to get their mind’s out of the gutter.

Han Yue Ba Ba said: ‘Obscene people see obscene things.’

The development will reportedly be opened in 2018, with an estimated 45 million passengers expected to pass through the 700,000 square metre building.

The six tier building is apparently focused on ‘user experience’ and features an array of elements intended to represent Chinese culture.

It remains to be seen if the plans will be modified in light of online critiques.