PlayStation VR Release Window, Price And Launch Titles Revealed


We’re all terribly excited about PlayStation VR – Sony’s answer to the current virtual reality hype that’s sweeping up gamers everywhere. During a recent presentation at the Game Developers Conference today, Sony finally gave us a price and release date for this object of desire. 

PlayStation VR will launch sometime in October, and the headset will cost you £349 – though do remember you’ll also need a PlayStation 4 to use the device.

This actually makes it the most affordable of the VR headsets currently on the market. In fact, the total cost for a PS4 and PlayStation VR headset is less than the HTC Vive on its own (around £567) and not far off the Oculus Rift (roughly £425).

I should point out that the PlayStation VR won’t come with Move controllers or the PlayStation Camera – which are actually required for certain games.

You can find a handy image showcasing everything you do get with the headset below, including a processor unit and some all important cables. Never forget the cables.

During the presentation, PlayStation president Andrew House also confirmed that there are more than 230 developers putting content together for PlayStation VR right now.

There are more than 160 games currently in development, and around 50 of them should launch before the end of 2016, including Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, and a special VR version of Star Wars Battlefront, which sounds cool as fuck.

Additionally, the headset will support standard PS4 games and a Cinematic Mode which ‘lets users enjoy a variety of content in a large virtual screen while wearing the headset’, according to Sony.

Now all that’s left to do is sit and wonder if this really will lead to a gaming revolution, or simply fade into history as nothing more than a trend – I guess we’ll find out soon.