Pokemon GO Plus Sounds Incredible, But Unfortunately It’s Been Delayed


Bad news for Pokemon GO fan’s you’re going to have to wait a little longer before you get your hands on the improved version Pokemon GO Plus. 

Nintendo had planned on releasing a handy-dandy wristband that’d give would-be Pokemon masters a leg up on the competition this July but the release has been bumped back two months.

That means Poke-maniac are going to have to wait until September to get themselves one of these Poke-themed fit bits, Kotaku reports.


For those unaware Pokemon GO Plus is an accessory that’ll make catching Pokemon a lot easier, a bit like the old plug-in light for your Game Boy Colour.

The watch-like band will allow you to catch pocket sized monsters and hatch eggs without whipping your phone out every two minutes.

Pokemon Go Launches In JapanGetty

Even better it’ll alert you to any nearby Pokemon or PokeStops by buzzing and flashing then with the simple click of a button you catch the Mon or collect Pokeball’s from the stop.

The downside is that you’ll only find Pokemon you’ve already seen, which is a bit of a bummer, but at least you’ll save your battery!