Pokemon Red, Blue And Yellow Are Coming To Nintendo 3DS


You read that title right – after years, no, decades of waiting, Nintendo have finally caved and will bring the original Pokemon Red, Blue and follow up Yellow to the Nintendo 3DS.

During a Nitendo Direct presentation, the Japanese super-company announced the news an entire generation of fans has been waiting to hear, with the iconic trio of games coming to the Nintendo 3DS on February 27, 2016.


According to Nintendo, the games have been remade as close to the originals as possible – whether that will include the infamous rare candy and Missingno glitches remains to be seen.

Something we do know, is that you’ll be able to battle your friends and – more importantly – trade pokemon wirelessly, without the need for the daft link cable that only one person ever had.

The games will launch in Nintendo’s eShop on the same date that Pokemon Red originally launched way, way back in 1996 in Japan.