Police Aim To Solve JonBenét Ramsey Murder With New DNA Technology

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Police Aim To Solve JonBenet Ramsey Murder With New DNA TechnologyAlamy

Police are hoping that advancements in DNA technology will help them solve a 25-year-old case.

JonBenét Ramsey was killed when she was six years old, her body was found on December 26, 1996, in the basement of her family’s home several hours after her mother had reported her missing and a ransom note left behind.


Her death was ruled as a homicide, though nobody was ever charged with killing her, and it has now been almost 25 years without a solution.

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That may be about to change, however, as Fox News reports that Boulder police have been working with state investigators on ‘future DNA advancements’ to see if it could help crack the case.

Boulder police released a statement that said: ‘As the Department continues to use new technology to enhance the investigation, it is actively reviewing genetic DNA testing processes to see if those can be applied to this case moving forward.’


Further comment was not given as the investigation into Ramsey’s death was ‘active and ongoing’.


Brian Laundrie: Police Deny Rumours About DNA Of Human Remains

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Advancements in DNA technology have allowed police to identify suspects in a number of unsolved cases.

One such new method is comparing DNA profiles from crime scenes with DNA test results from people researching their family trees online.


During the investigation of Ramsey’s death, almost 1,000 DNA samples were analysed, and tests on newly discovered DNA in 2008 indicated the involvement of an ‘unexplained third party’.

It led to the district attorney clearing Ramsey’s parents, John and Patsy, of any involvement in their daughter’s death and calling them ‘victims of this crime’.

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