Police Announce It’s Illegal To Ride a Swegway In Public

by : UNILAD on : 12 Oct 2015 13:33
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Thinking of hitting the streets on your new Swegway, impressing passersby with your self balancing ‘sweg’?


Well think again. According to the CPS, Self Balancing Scooters aka Swegway are illegal to operate in public.

The Crown Prosecution Service have said that under section 72 of the Highway Act 1835 it’s against the law to ride them on any public road. This includes the pavement, meaning Swegways can only be used on private land, Complex reports.

The CPS’ FAQ states:


1.”I have a self-balancing scooter and I want to ride in on the public road, is it legal for road use?”

No. Vehicles must be approved via ECWVTA or MSVA in order to be licensed and registered. Self-balancing scooters would not currently meet the requirements of these schemes so are not legal for road use.

2.”I have been riding a self-balancing scooter on the public footway (pavement) outside my house, have I committed an offence?”

Yes. It is an offence under section 72 of the Highway Act 1835 to ride or drive a vehicle on the pavement. It is only an offence under this Act in England and Wales. In Scotland it is an offence under section 129(5) of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984.

3.”Where can I ride a self-balancing scooter?”

You can only ride an unregistered self-balancing scooter on land which is private property and with the landowner’s permission. The Department for Transport would advise that appropriate safety clothing should be worn at all times.

Unlucky. Have fun cruising up and down your drive.

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    Police Have Announced That It's Illegal to Ride Swegways In Public in the UK