Police Are Carrying Out Random Drug Tests On People At UK Nightclubs

Daily Record

Police in Aberdeen have been accused of detaining innocent clubbers and forcing them to take part in drug tests, which they deny.

It is understood that six police officers arrived at Club Tropicana in the Scottish city late last month. They had a CCTV van, a sniffer dog and an ‘itemiser’, which is a device that is used to swab for traces of illegal substances.

Anyone queuing to gain entry to the venue was subject to a hand swab. Should they refuse to consent to the invasive procedure, they would be refused entry to the night.

According to VICE, 100 innocent people were subject to a swab. How many people did the police catch with drugs during this expensive and prying exercise? Wait for it…



Tony Cochrane, Club Tropicana Manager, told clubbing magazine Mixmag: “I ­support an anti-drug policy but I feel this latest action by Police Scotland is a step too far in regards to civil liberties.”

“We appreciate the work the police do, but they’re achieving nothing with this policy. People going for a night out are being made to feel like potential criminals. They’re wasting manpower and resources on making law-abiding citizens feel like suspects.”

Police Scotland were unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

UPDATE: Police Scotland spokesperson said: “People are only tested with their permission and the decision to allow entry into a licensed premises is entirely a matter for the door staff and management.”