Police Arrest Man For Possession Of Meth In Hilarious F*ck Up


Police in Orlando, Florida got terribly excited when they thought they’d stumbled across a real-life Walter White – but they were oh so wrong.

According to the Orlando Sentinel 64-year-old Daniel Rushing was arrested after cops pulled him over and ‘identified’ crystal methamphetamine on the floor of his car.

But what they had actually spotted were a few flakes of – drum roll please – doughnut glaze…

Oh the irony…

Orlando corporal Shelby Riggs-Hopkins’ police report revealed just how confident she was that she had landed a drug perp.

It read:

I recognized through my eleven years of training and experience as a law enforcement officer the substance to be some sort of narcotic.

The report also suggested Rushing failed two roadside drug tests.

Aaron1Rebel Donut/Facebook

Rushing, who was taken to jail, strip searched, denied medication for his back pain, and locked up for ten hours, actually just liked to treat himself to a sweet snack on Wednesdays.

Lab testing cleared his name several weeks later, but according to Vice the innocent man now intends to sue the city.

It’ll be awkward the next time the officers head to their favourite doughnut joint, as TV has assured me is all American cops really do…