Police Arrest Man Who Kicked Woman Down Stairs


German police have arrested the main suspect behind a violent attack on a woman in Berlin’s subway.

Shocking CCTV footage surfaced earlier this month of an unidentified male approaching a woman from behind as she descended a flight of stairs in a metro station, before kicking the unsuspecting woman in the back.

This sent her flying down eight steps before landing on her face at the bottom. The 26-year-old victim suffered a broken arm and was later hospitalised.


The 27-year old suspect was detained at a Berlin bus station in the district of Charlottenburg on Saturday afternoon, RT reports.

Authorities apprehended the man after one of the passengers recognised him and tipped them off.


The attack itself took place on October 27th, but the footage of the incident was only released to the public only last week and quickly went viral.

On December 14th, police reported they identified the attacker and his accomplices.

They named the main suspect as 27-year-old Bulgarian citizen, Svetoslav Stoykov, with other members of the gang said to be his two brothers and an acquaintance.

Earlier this week Stoykov’s younger brother was detained by German police in Berlin, but he has since been released as they couldn’t prove his direct involvement in the attack.