Police Arrest Teenager Who Was Caught On Video Punching Blind Student


Last week, a student was caught on film punching a blind student before he was dealt some harsh street justice when another teenager punched him to the floor.

Now, even more justice has been served to this unpleasant person as he’s actually been arrested!

The video of Wednesday’s incident at Huntingdon Beach High School was widely viewed as ‘Cody’ appeared to punch ‘Austin’ twice, with many viewers praising the actions of the fellow student who stepped in to defend his visually impaired classmate, and now police in Southern California have also stepped in.

Huntingdon Beach police spokeswoman Jennifer Marlatt said the 16-year-old boy who struck the visually impaired student was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanour battery. The 17-year-old who intervened has not been arrested.


On Thursday, in a statement, the local high school district said:

Huntingdon Beach High School has a very strong anti-bullying code of conduct and will not condone this type of behaviour from any student.

The boy was suspended for the incident and could now be in a lot more trouble indeed.

As the kid who stopped the bully asked at the time, “Who the f*ck punches a blind kid?” We imagine this 16-year-old may be asking himself that very question for quite a while!