Police Body Cam Footage Shows Brutal Arrest Which ‘Left MMA Fighter Paralysed’

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This is the tragic moment an aspiring MMA fighter was forced headfirst to the ground by a U.S. police officer, breaking his neck and suffering life changing injuries. 


24-year-old Donovan Duran was arrested outside his father’s home in Colorado by police after his family rang 911 saying that he was being drunk and disorderly.

Before the footage begins, Duran was willingly handcuffed and put into a police car, reports the Mirror.

However, just moments later, as our sequence of footage begins, you see Duran being brutally dragged out of the police car and thrown headfirst into the concrete floor with his hands handcuffed behind his back.

Body-cam-of-MMA-fighters-arrest-which-he-claimed-left-him-paralysedBody-cam-of-MMA-fighters-arrest-which-he-claimed-left-him-paralysed16th Judicial DA's Office

When Duran hit the floor, he landed face first and fractured his neck, paralysing him from the chest down.

As Duran lies motionless on the floor a police officer aggressively shouts, ‘get up’ to him.

Clearly unable to ‘get up’ of his own volition, officers place Duran into a wheelchair, where he immediately slouches over, and take him to the police station’s emergency centre.

However, perhaps even more tragic is that a grand jury in April found that there were no fileable charges against the sergeant responsible, Sergeant Fraker, and the other officer involved in the arrest.

Body-cam-of-MMA-fighters-arrest-which-he-claimed-left-him-paralysed (1)Body-cam-of-MMA-fighters-arrest-which-he-claimed-left-him-paralysed (1)16th Judicial DA's Office

In a report written by the grand jurors, they claimed that while Fraker was responsible for Duran’s injuries – a fractured neck that left him paralyzed from his nipples down – when he rolled him out of a La Junta police SUV, it ‘cannot be the basis of any criminal charges’.

The grand jury did,  however, called Duran’s injuries ‘tragic’, but this will not suffice – as Duran’s attorneys filed a federal lawsuit on Monday against the city and against Fraker seeking damages for his injuries.

Duran was never charged.


Is it any wonder there are such concerns about police brutality in the U.S. when shocking stories like this continue to emerge?

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    Police body camera shows brutal arrest which 'left MMA fighter paralysed'