Police Called About ‘ISIS Militants’, Turned Out To Be Beard Club Meeting

by : UNILAD on : 12 Oct 2015 21:58
Jason Mellström/Studio Mellström

In a bizarre case of mistaken identity, terror police were called to a beard club meeting after a passer-by confused them with Islamic State (ISIS) militants.


The Swedish chapter of the ‘Bearded Villains’ met on Saturday for a photoshoot at a castle in Braehus when a concerned onlooker noticed the club’s black-and-white flag which, admittedly, looks a little bit like the ISIS emblem.

When the police arrived, they were probably expecting quite an intimidating scene but were instead greeted by hairy men embracing one another and laughing while wearing formal clothes, rather than militant garb.

Marcus Eriksson

Speaking to the Independent, Andreas Fransson, a Bearded Villains member, said:


After about an hour the police showed up. They told us they got a call from someone driving past on the highway, saying that there were ISIS terrorists at the ruins. The police saw of course that we weren’t terrorists, just very happy and nice bearded gentlemen. We had a laugh with the police and they left. It was a surreal experience.

Although they took the strange incident in good humour at the time, John Ekeblad, co-leader of the Swedish group, added that the mix-up highlighted the prejudices bearded men can face.

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