Police Caught On Camera Shooting And Killing ‘Armed’ Man In A Wheelchair

by : UNILAD on : 26 Sep 2015 17:20
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Wilmington Police have been caught on camera shooting a man in a wheelchair dead.


Officers arrived at the scene after receiving reports that a man had shot himself and was still in possession of a gun, and found Jeremy McDole in his wheelchair.

Police shouted for McDole to drop the gun, but as he reached into his jeans, the police opened fire.

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McDole’s mother Phyllis has spoken to the press about the shooting, and called it ‘unjust’, with footage showing her son bleeding before being shot by officers.


Her son was paralysed at the age of 18, after being shot by a friend, with police officers claiming they recovered a .38 calibre handgun at the scene.


Police Chief Bobby Cummings claimed that officers ‘did not intent for anyone to die that day’, and had repeatedly asked McDole to put his gun down and hands up.

Be warned, the footage is seriously graphic.


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    The shocking moment four cops shoot dead 'armed' man in a wheelchair is caught on video - but his distraught family call the killing 'unjust'