Police Confirm Tiger Killed Zookeeper At Hamerton Zoo


Cambridgeshire Police have confirmed that the zookeeper who died this morning was killed as a result of a tiger entering an enclosure with her.

The unnamed female zookeeper was killed in an alleged ‘freak accident’ just after 11am at Hamerton Zoo Park.

Hamerton’s local police force tweeted just a few moments ago revealing the fatal tragedy which had took place.

As you can probably imagine – the tragic accident led to the park being evacuated with ambulance, police, and emergency helicopters flying overhead.

Rather quickly speculation mounted on Twitter with people claiming an animal had escaped from the zoo however a spokesperson confirmed to UNILAD that the rumours were untrue.

The Zoo spokesperson told UNILAD:

I can confirm no animal has escaped and full details will be sent out in a press release later this afternoon.

Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of the female zookeeper.

Rest in peace.