Police Detective Makes Shocking New Claims About Madeleine McCann’s Whereabouts


The detective who spent three years on the hunt for Madeleine McCann makes shocking claims she is ‘hidden in plain sight.’ 

Former Detective Inspector Dave Edgar believes the McCann’s were not involved in Maddie’s mysterious disappearance and that she’s still in Portugal.

Even more disturbingly, the former detective believes she was the victim of a planned abduction by a gang of paedophiles and is alive in the Algarve where she went missing.

He told the Sunday Express:

There is every possibility that Madeleine is still alive and could be being hidden somewhere.
When you get up beyond the main strip of the Algarve there’s countless isolated properties where Madeleine could be being held.

Edgar – who runs the Alpha Investigations Group – has previously said he believed Maddie was being held in a hell like dungeon, not too dissimilar from the Josef Fritzl case.

He also explained to the Sun last week, £12 million had been given to the case over the years in the bid to find the missing girl, but it was ‘not nearly enough for a crime of this complexity and scale.’


Scotland Yard’s Operation Grange have also been granted a further £85,000 to continue the investigation until Autumn.

He added:

It sounds a lot but it’s not.

Despite claiming child molesters were involved in Maddie’s disappearance, he claimed there was no evidence to arrest two paedophiles Raymond Hewlett or Euclides Monteiro, both of which died in 2007 and 2009 respectively.


Maddie disappeared from her parents apartment in Praia de Luz, while they were on holiday in 2007.

She would now be about to 14 in May and would look very different to the little girl plastered across the missing photos.

The search continues.