Police Drug Testing ‘Expert’ Was High As F*ck For 8 Years

n-SONJA-FARAK-628x314Massachusetts State Police

Plot twist – a woman who was employed as a drug tester by the Massachusetts Police Department was apparently high as fuck throughout the entirety of thousands of court cases. Shocker.

The former chemist, Sonja Farak, worked for Amherst laboratory which tested drug samples for police, but it has now been revealed that Sonja was also on methamphetamines, ketamine, cocaine, LSD and tonnes of other drugs during her eight year spell at work.

It is also thought that the chemist was beyond wired while testifying in court, leading a spokesperson for Attorney General Maura Healey to argue that the new information ‘will no doubt have implications for many cases’, according to Sky News.


The spokesperson added:

We are deeply concerned whenever the integrity of the justice system is called into question or compromised.

Between the years of 2005 and 2013, Farak handled around 30,000 cases which have all now been thrown into question due to her drug use.

Defence lawyer Luke Ryan told the Boston Herald that this is ‘statewide scandal’ that will ‘take an enormous toll on the system’.

Oh, and if you thought that was the end of the story then you’re horribly mistaken as Farak is merely the latest in a long line of sickening drug testing scandals.

Back in 2013, Annie Dookhan, who worked at a state drug lab in Boston, was sentenced to at least three years in prison after pleading guilty to faking test results in numerous cases which jeopardised thousands of convictions.


At the time, Matthew Segal, legal director of ACLU, said:

It’s now beyond doubt that the drug war in Massachusetts during the Dookhan-Farak era was built on a foundation of falsified evidence.

Although at first it seems like a laughing matter, the fact that thousands of people are behind bars because of potential false evidence or somebody’s distorted judgement is ultimately scandalous and terrifying.