Police Film Woman Performing ‘Raunchy’ Dance Then Fine Her For Inappropriate Behaviour

by : UNILAD on : 27 Jan 2016 19:43

Sometimes you just feel the urge to dance. Sadly the impulse landed this woman in hot water with police.


After enjoying a night on the tiles this woman went to a police station in the Russian city of Ussuriysk to report her phone as stolen.

While speaking to officials a favoured tune of the woman came on the radio and she burst into an impromptu belly dance.


Despite the fact that the police were reportedly the ones filming the woman, a superior officer apparently did not take kindly to the display. She was then fined 1,100 rubles (roughly £10) for inappropriate behaviour.


Pretty ridiculous considering the officers can be heard laughing and seemingly enjoying the display.

The Daily Mail even reported that there were words of encouragement.

Allegedly one man says:

What a girl, she’s performing that dance right from the heart.

Went in for help and came out with a fine. Pretty solid police work guys.

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Daily Mail
  1. Daily Mail

    Woman performs raunchy impromptu dance for cheering police officers while reporting a stolen phone at their station in Russia... and is fined for inappropriate behaviour