Police Forced To Cancel Raffle After Offering Puppy As Prize

by : UNILAD on : 05 Sep 2015 14:16
puppy webpuppy webCleveland County Sheriff's Office

After Cleveland County Sheriff’s office posted a picture of a puppy on their Facebook page, people just thought the animal was another police dog in training, and were happy to like the photo.


Yet once they looked down and saw the caption that accompanied said puppy, they were outraged.

That was because the police were trying to use the puppy as a prize in a raffle draw, and had encouraged people to buy tickets to win the animal, ironically, to raise money for their K-9 unit.

puppypuppyCleveland County Sheriff's Office

The caption read:


Here is the K-9 (German Shepard) we will be selling tickets for at the fair this year. Tickets are $1 and we will raffle off last day of fair. A 10X10 kennel and dog house will come with the puppy.

Now as people quite rightly pointed out, while that is a pretty good prize for a $1 ticket, in reality, the logistics of having a young dog to look after are far greater than most people who buy a ticket would realise.

Comments ranged from people pointing out there is no guarantee the dog will end up in a loving home, to it being a far bigger commitment and for life, not just a prize in a draw. Another person added they wouldn’t raffle a small child, so why a dog?

The draw has now been cancelled, with a more suitable prize assumingly being on offer for their next raffle.

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