Police Forced To Reopen Domestic Violence Case After Social Media Take Over


Photos of a bloodied domestic abuse victim have been shared online after it was feared police were not taking action.

The 19-year-old Australian woman in the images suffered a broken nose, a broken tooth, and was left covered in blood after an argument with her boyfriend ended in violence.

The incident took place on Friday night with the images being uploaded shortly after by girl’s concerned roommate.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the roommate said:

She came to my bedroom and woke me up and she was covered in blood, I was asleep. I heard them argue for around fifteen minutes then I heard the door shut.

They went outside and five minutes after she had a broken nose and broken teeth.”

The victim said she invited her boyfriend over before the attack in order to discuss problems in their relationship.

She said:

I asked him to come over because we’ve been having problems and I wanted to fix it once and for all.

He was in here for half an hour and he said “I’m going to leave” and I told him “no you can’t leave every time we have an argument.

She then followed him outside and as reported to police, and was punched in the face twice.

The victim then alleged that the police refused to take the case beyond the questioning of her boyfriend.

She said:

The police called and said we interviewed him and he said the injuries were from a fall and because we have no witnesses and not enough evidence we’ve decided not to take it any further.

[They also said] calls have been made against each other in the past and because of that we can’t take it seriously.”

She then confronted her attacker directly via Facebook.


Following medical examinations it has been said the damage to her teeth could not have been caused by a fall, and police have now reopened the case.

The roommate has said

It makes me very sad that we had to launch this online campaign just to force the police to do their job here.

This wouldn’t have even been going to court at all had It not gone viral on Facebook, she wasn’t granted an immediate protective order either meaning we are very lucky he didn’t return between Friday night and today to inflict more damage”


They’re literally trying to go back on their words because they are in hot water.”

Hopefully justice can now be done.