Police Hunting Wannabe ‘Riddler’ Burning Down Buildings And Taunting Them


A serial arsonist, who’s believed to be behind a number of suspicious fires in Queens, New York, taunted police with a ‘Riddler’ like puzzle left at the scene of one of his crimes.

But the New York cops didn’t need the Batman’s detective work to uncover the identity of the over-confident offender, quickly cracking the code and discovering his identity.

The super villain wannabe wrote “Decode this message to find the person who caused the fire,” at the scene of his latest arson attack.

fireTal Eisenberg

According to a police source, cops unscrambling the message and got the name of a Forest Hills resident, who they suspect is responsible for at least six fires in the area over the past four weeks.

Police are yet to discover a motive for the fires, though one theory is that the firebug didn’t like the design of new homes under construction, which have been criticised by some residents for changing the look of the neighbourhood.

arsonist suspect

The fires have put residents on edge, with one saying:

Setting fires is bad but the leaving riddles near the fire scene part is crazy … This is what happens when mentally disturbed people read too many comic books.

Officials are reporting that only vacant buildings have come under attack, and thankfully there have been no injuries reported.

Authorities are now hunting the pyromaniac, who has no arrest record. If they need help though I’m sure Gotham will lend them the Bat-Signal for a night.