Police Investigate Brutal Fight Between Bouncer And Three Clubbers

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Police are investigating after a horrific fight broke out between a bouncer and three club-goers last night, (5 January), in Nottingham.

The bouncer, described as ‘Phil Mitchell’ by the person taking the footage, can be seen landing some seriously hard punches, flooring the three young guys who keep trying to fight him.

The brutal video, which ends with someone calling the police and one of the men unconscious on the floor, has been viewed over 250k times on Twitter.

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It’s not clear how the fight started as the video appears to begin halfway through, showing lots of club-goers in the street while a bouncer focuses his attention on three guys.

Eventually it leads to a bit of a pile up on the floor as the bouncer swings for the men multiple times, while everyone around screams.

One commenter on the video wrote:

Typical bouncer thumping smaller guys who are probably rubber legged through drink and he knows it.

If he’d met his match he’d have locked himself inside and called the police.

Twitter user Alex Perez said:

If he’s a bouncer he should be locked up.

Need to be looking after people not banging them out.

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The brawl took place outside Ink nightclub and a spokesman for the venue said:

The police are aware of the incident and are investigating it further.

We’ve spoken to the firm which supplies our security, informing them the doorman involved in the incident should no longer work at the venue.

We are co-operating with the relevant authorities to ensure the facts are established in a thorough manner.

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A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said:

Nottinghamshire Police has been made aware of a video circulating online of an incident reported to have taken place in the Queen Street area of Nottingham city centre, either on the evening of Thursday 4 January, or the early hours of Friday 5 January, 2018.

At present, no report has been made to officers in respect of an incident of this nature at that location at the date and time currently being reported by some media outlets.

While the force is conducting its own enquiries to establish the circumstances surrounding the incident, officers are encouraging anyone directly involved or who may have witnessed the incident to call Nottinghamshire Police on 101 with any information.

Controversially, one Twitter user wrote:

You pathetic baby. Bouncer acted totally fairly.

Don’t repeatedly come at door staff during a mass brawl and expect kid gloves.

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The violent video has received a huge response on Twitter with many people hoping the bouncer was reported, while others claim he was entirely in the right.

It’s far from the ideal end to a night…greasy chicken burger and cheesy chips.