Police Left Baffled After 58-Foot Bridge Was Stolen

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Police Left Baffled After 58-Foot Bridge Was StolenAkron Police Dept

Police in Ohio are on the hunt for thieves who managed to successfully steal a 58-foot bridge. 

The bizarre theft took place in Akron, Ohio last month, when the entire bridge disappeared from where it was being held in a field near the creek where it was originally installed.


The bridge was removed from the creek in the early 2000s as part of a restoration project, but the city had plans to use it for another project and so stored it in the field for what they evidently assumed to be safekeeping.

Bridge stolen from field (Akron Police Department/Facebook)Akron Police Department/Facebook

Officials noticed the treated deck boards of the bridge had been removed last month, but they were left completely baffled when, a week later, the entire thing disappeared.

Measuring 10-feet wide, six-feet high and with a span of 58-feet, the bridge did not offer a quick getaway and the thieves are thought to have disassembled it before taking it from the field.


Speaking about the bizarre events, per News 5 Cleveland, Lt. Michael Miller said: ‘I have not heard of anything that large — albeit it disassembled but actually stolen, I can’t think of anything comparable in my 22 years [at the Akron Police Department].’

Bridge stolen from field (Akron Police Department/Facebook)Akron Police Department/Facebook

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Miller continued: ‘We know it will be met with mystery and questions: who and how and why? All of those are unanswered. It ranks high on the list of mysteries, that’s for sure.’

The city’s engineering department estimated the value to the city to be $40,000, but the polymer-based material the bridge was made of means it would be largely worthless to someone looking to scrap or recycle it. In a bid to catch the person or people responsible, police are hoping a member of the public will come forward with information.


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