Police Make Easiest Arrest Ever As Burglars Dial 999 From Crime Scene



Police in Kent made probably the easiest arrests of their careers, after three burglars rang 999 from the crime scene.

One of them had fallen ill and collapsed, so the others two rang emergency services. When the police arrived at the scene, half a mile from the station, one was lying on the floor while the others comforted him.

The ill guy was taken to hospital, while the other two were taken to the police station.

The trio were suspects in a string of break ins at sheds across Maidstone, and a 41 and 46 year old were arrested, and the 38 year old in hospital was also arrested, despite still being in hospital yesterday with chest pains.

A local resident said:

It must have been the easiest bust this year – three burglars who handed themselves in at the scene of the crime.

The officers must have been having quite a laugh about it down the station.