Police Make Horrifying Discovery Inside Hostel Wardrobe


Police have launched a murder investigation after a rotting corpse wrapped in clingfilm was found inside a hostel wardrobe.

Staff at the hostel, which serves as a home for recently released prisoners, found the body while investigating reports of a dreadful smell coming from the wardrobe.

Police have now arrested a 24-year-old man who’d been living in the converted semi-detached house for several weeks on suspicion of murder, the BBC reports.

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It’s been reported that an ex-girlfriend had visited the suspect at the hostel in the West Midlands.

21-year old Reece Pether who lives near the hostel, revealed the staff’s horror when they made their grisly discovery.


He said: 

Staff told me they opened the wardrobe and saw something wrapped in cling film. They got someone to open it up and a leg fell out. It was horrible.

It’s thought she’d been in there a week and the bloke had been sleeping in the same room.

Other neighbours claimed they weren’t surprised that police had found a body saying ‘there’s always something going on’ while another claimed they were so scared by the incident that they’ve not let their 11-year-old son go outside on his own.


A West Midlands Police spokesperson confirmed part of the property was used as a hostel for ex-offenders.

They said

It is a multi-occupancy hostel. While it would be unfair to class everybody as such, there are some ex-offenders there.

A post-mortem examination will take place on Saturday to determine the cause of the woman’s death.