Police Officer Buys Plane Ticket For Elderly Woman So She Can Get Home


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These days, you don’t hear too many heart-warming stories when you switch on the TV or read the newspapers, so it makes a nice change to hear about Andre Almeida, a police officer, who displayed an extraordinary act of kindness.

The officer came across one 65 year old woman who had been reported missing, and after contacting her husband and hearing she had been suffering from dementia like symptoms before her disappearance from a Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines boat that docked in Canada, he decided to book her a flight home – and paid for it on his credit card.

That was without being guaranteed that he would be refunded, or knowing the woman and her family at all.


He claimed:

She needed help. It could be my mom stranded somewhere, and I would hope that someone would help.

I called Air Alaska and just booked the flight on my credit card.

Thankfully, the woman is now home safe, with Alaska Airways having refunded the policeman the price of the airfare.