Police Officer Funds Hotel Stay For Homeless Woman And Her Baby

Washington Post

It’s fair to say American Cops don’t always receive the best press. But one officer in Maryland has taken it upon himself to change that with a true act of kindness.

When a woman and her infant daughter went to the Hyattsville Police station seeking help, Corporal Che’ Atkinson sprang into action.

The Woman said she was a victim of domestic violence, that she and her child had not eaten for two days, and that they simply had ‘nowhere else to go’.


Corporal Atkinson tracked down distant relatives and arranged for them to collect the mother and one-year-old.

But when the police officer arrived for work the next day the woman was still present, and it turned out the family would not be able to reach her for another day.

Already knowing their story, and not wanting them to spend another night in the station, Atkinson dipped straight into his own back pocket and bought the pair food and drink, before setting them up with a hotel room for the night.

With his total commitment to ensuring the welfare of the two, the officer went one step further by sourcing a car seat for his motor to make sure the baby reached the destination safely.


Following the one night stay the mother and daughter are now safely living with relatives. What a guy!