Police Officer Takes Selfie With Teen Who Wanted To Keep Her Safe At Gas Station


When police officer Tommi Jones Kelley stopped at a gas station to refuel her car, she had no idea what was about to happen.

One young boy approached her and asked if he could stand behind her – to protect her and keep her safe after one of her fellow officers was gunned down while stopping at a Harris County gas station a couple of weeks earlier.

Mckinley Zoellner wanted to make sure that Kelley did not suffer the same fate as Darren Goforth, who had spent ten years on the force, and after filling up her car, Kelley offered her thanks and took a selfie with the teenager.

She took to social media, and posted the picture, along with a caption.


The post has since been shared thousands of times on Facebook, and even saw news reporters pick the story up, going viral.

The incident has placed the issue of the killings of police officers right back in the news – especially after three police officers were killed in Illinois and the death of Goforth.

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Data from the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund has shown officer fatalities are up 12% on the previous year, and that has led to claims from officers that law enforcement is under siege.

Despite that, it is heart-warming to see the actions of one teenager, and the fact that people can prove that not everyone is bad, or out to hurt you by doing the simplest of things.