Police Raid Interrupted By Suspect Checking Their Temperatures

by : Julia Banim on : 23 Oct 2020 12:03
Police Raid Interrupted By Suspect Checking Their TemperaturesJohnny_suputama/Twitter

Police officers raiding a property in Japan were interrupted by a suspect checking their temperatures before they could enter.

Footage from the incident, which has since gone viral, shows officers attempting to quite literally saw their way into the headquarters of Chukakuha, a leftist group whose core base is located in the Edogawa district of Tokyo.


Upon hearing the commotion, a group representative popped outside and appeared to suggest that they simply use the door to get inside instead. But not before having their temperatures checked in accordance with safety measures.

Footage which has been widely shared on Twitter shows the officers lining up in an orderly fashion to have their temperatures checked. A far less dramatic, and much more polite, entrance than the one that had originally been planned.

Many of those on social media have expressed some amusement at the rather sheepish officers – their saw now put aside – being given permission to enter the property by those they had been attempting to raid.


One person tweeted:

The part where the guy opens the door and stares at the police officer sawing their way through a metal wall and no one does anything different for a moment. That part is definitely funny.

Another agreed:

As is requiring the officers to pass temperature checks before entering. Yeah nice warrant, but you need to go home and isolate, you have a fever. Come back when you’re feeling better.


As reported by NHK, the police were driven to investigate the group after their 83-year-old leader Takeo Shimizu gave a speech at a rally in Tokyo, his first public appearance in 51 years. It’s understood that Shimizu was in a room inside the building at the time of the raid.

Police were reportedly able to track down one of the members, Yagi Yasuyuki, after his driving license was used to make an application for a government grant afforded to each household during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Yasuyuki, 48, was reportedly arrested on October 12 for allegedly obtaining a driver’s license at a false address.


The group in question has previously been linked to a 1971 riot in Shibuya which left one person dead, and resulted in 1,785 arrests. According to a report by The New York Times, 15 police officers and 10 civilians were injured during the riot.

As per NHK, Chukakuha has commented that the recent raid has been ‘perceived as an unjustified investigation’.

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