Police Release Bodycam Footage Of Fatal Charlotte Shooting

charlotte-shooting-bodycam_fb4Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department have released dashcam and bodycam footage showing the fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in North Carolina on Tuesday.

The police claim the bodycam footage shows Mr Scott reaching for a gun, although Chief Kerr Putney admitted the videos show no “absolute, definitive visual evidence”, reported the Charlotte Observer.

Dashcam footage shows the moment that Keith Lamont Scott is fatally shot and wounded from a closer angle than the previously released footage from the deceased’s wife Rakeyia Scott.

However, they bodycam footage released by police isn’t from the perspective of the officer who fired the fatal shot – which has left protesters in Charlotte frustrated.

The police videos have been released after lots of pressure from protesters for them to do so. Since the shooting there has been persistent standoffs between police and protesters determined to see the bodycam and dashcam footage from officers involved in the shooting.

However, before the footage was even released, Time Warner News Charlotte reporter Caroline Vandergriff said protesters’ are determined to keep protesting until police release all the footage.

Police have also released a picture of a gun they claim Keith Scott was carrying:

With the polarised racial tensions in America right now it is hardly surprising that protesters are angry but if Keith Lamont Scott really did have a gun as the police claim then you can almost understand their reaction.