Police Release Shocking Bodycam Footage Showing Dylan Noble’s Killing

by : UNILAD on : 16 Jul 2016 11:45

Warning: Distressing Footage


Police in Fresno, California have released the harrowing bodycam footage showing the killing of 19-year-old Dylan Noble, whose death sparked outrage across America.

The disturbing video shows police clearly asking Noble to put his hands up and to get on the ground multiple times for over a minute; however, Noble does not comply.

Instead, he puts his hands behind his back and walks towards the armed police; to which he is warned if he does not stop he will be shot.

At this point Noble is shot twice, reports the Daily Mail.

3642D53200000578-3689591-image-a-72_14684771177003642D53200000578-3689591-image-a-72_1468477117700YouTube / Fresno Police
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It is reported that as Noble walked towards police he said, ‘I fucking hate my life’, a split second before being shot.

However, what disturbs me most about the footage is that while Noble is bleeding out on the ground, at this point clearly posing no threat to the police, he is shot multiple times again – at one point, a policeman even uses a shotgun to shoot him, leading many to argue it is ‘inexcusable use of excessive force’.

Others have also claimed it shows ‘trigger-happy’ police.


Noble’s Family Attorney, Stuart R. Chandler, said:

After viewing the police bodycam videos last Friday, and conferring with experts, I am more certain than ever that the shooting death of Dylan Noble was the result of an inexcusable use of excessive force.

The City of Fresno must be held full accountable to his family – and for that matter to the community – for this tragic loss of life.

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Noble was pulled over by police when a passerby reported a man driving around armed with a rifle. Police later found no rifle on Noble or in his car.

The officers involved have since been put on paid administrative leave while the FBI investigates the killing.

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