Police Remove Swedish ‘Snow Penis’, Pranksters Return With Even Bigger Phallus


You may remember reading about the Gothenburg snow penis that put the willies up a mild Swedish city. So much so, that the police had to remove it. Well now it’s back, and it’s bigger than ever.

Earlier this week, some pranksters caused a ruckus when they etched a frosty schlong into thin ice on a Gothenburg lake, forcing park authorities to remove it after complaints.

Naturally, the snowy beef-whistle gathered a number of admirers who were sad to see it go. A Facebook group with nearly 4,000 members was created in protest, calling for the reinstatement of the glacial dipstick.

Once of the guys who removed the frozen fire hose saw the group and issued an apology, calling on people to come up with ideas on how they could remake it on a bigger scale.

And boy, how they did it.

In a field just outside of town, a group of snow cock aficionados used snow blowers to create a masterpiece so big, it can’t be properly seen from the ground. Behold, the mightiest of meat popsicles.

City lab

According to The Local, people in the group were pretty enthused with the results:

Everything is forgiven, everything is forgotten, a magnificent piece.

Moved to tears.

More snow penises for the people!

The people have spoken.