Police Reveal It Was A Robot That Killed The Dallas Shooter


The Chief of Police in Dallas has revealed the way in which one of the suspects in the sniper ambush last night was killed by officers. 

When the suspect was cornered by police, officers tried to negotiate with him ‘for hours’ while the suspect spoke of how he was ‘upset about black lives matter, police shootings, white people’, and insisted that he ‘wanted to kill white officers’.

Following the failed negotiations there was an exchange of gunfire which led to, what Chief of Police, David Brown, described as a decision to send a robot into the room, where the suspect was held, with a bomb strapped to it which was then detonated – killing the suspect.

The suspect was previously thought to have killed himself but that belief has now been denied by police.

Five officers were shot dead in the attack at a Black Lives Matter peaceful march following the outrageous killings of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota.

The attack was described as an ‘ambush style’ sniper attack.

The snipers fired from an elevated position on police just minutes before 9pm as protesters marched through the city.