Police Reveal What London Can Expect Over The Next Few Days


Following the tragic events that have unfolded in the UK’s capital, many Londoners have been left wondering what they can expect in the coming days.

In a press conference Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, head of the UK’s counter terror policing, revealed how things are likely to change in the aftermath of today’s attack.

He reassured that a full scale investigation of the case is already underway and that as part of the Metropolitan Police’s ‘long-established and well-rehearsed’ plans Parliament has been locked down and officers are responding in-line with their plans for a ‘marauding’ terrorist attack.

Although it is believed there is only one attacker, police are taking every precaution in locking down the area and will continue their searches as thoroughly as possible with the crime scene remaining in place until further notice is given.

Mr Rowley gave assurances that the force is throwing the ‘full weight of its counter terrorism unit’ behind the investigation and has urged anyone who saw/sees anything suspicious or concerning to get in touch with police immediately.


Outlining what Londoners can expect in the coming days, he said:

The people of London will see extra police officers – both armed and unarmed. Officers will be longing hours and extra shifts alongside our colleagues from the British Transport Police.

He confirmed that police will also be able to call on military support if needed and that a ‘Casualty Bureau’ for people to check on the whereabouts or condition of family or friends they fear may have been caught up in the chaos has been set up.


The police are already reaching out to communities and community leaders across the capital with Mr Rowley saying: 

Our strength as a city depends on our ability to stand together in terrible times. This is a day we planned for, but hoped would never happen.

Sadly it is now a reality.


He went on to say that the family of the officer who died in the attack have been informed of his death and confirmed that a total of four people – including the man the police believe to be the attacker – have lost their lives and a further twenty people have been injured.

Our thoughts remain with the friends and family of all those affected by  today’s events.