Police Run Over And Kill Dog On Purpose

by : UNILAD on : 24 Feb 2016 15:34

Police in North Wales are facing a backlash after officers deliberately ran over a dog in order to kill it.


Officers were called out to the A55 shortly after 3AM this morning following reports of a loose dog running on an unlit section of road between cars.

According to Sky News several attempts were made to capture the Foxhound, but the dog repeatedly escaped and allegedly bit an officer who tried to grab it.

The decision was then made to hit the dog at such speed that it would die but apparently not suffer.

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Police claim it was not an easy choice to make.

Chief Inspector Darren Wareing said in a statement:

The only safe option was to run the dog over at sufficient speed to ensure that it was destroyed and would not suffer.

Other methods of destruction were considered, but were ruled out on the grounds of public safety.

Fast roads such as the A55 present inherent risks, and to have vehicles including a HGV having to swerve in the dark was deemed unacceptable as the officers witnessed a number of near misses, and were highly concerned about the potential aftermath of a high speed collision.

Both officers have their own dogs and did not take this decision lightly. Due to the seriousness of the incident it needed bringing to a conclusion quickly for the safety of all concerned.

Needless to say many animal lovers were outraged by the news:


But there are many people defending the action taken by officers…


It certainly doesn’t seem like a black and white issue.

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