Police Shoot Attacker Near Notre Dame Cathedral


Paris police have urged the public to stay away from Notre Dame cathedral after numerous reports of gunfire were made.

Local media is reporting that a policeman has shot a man who attacked him, allegedly with a hammer, outside the cathedral itself.

The policeman is reportedly injured and eye-witnesses have described seeing another man, presumably the attacker, lying ‘inert’ on the ground, according to Sky News.


At the minute, the 2,000 people who were inside the cathedral at the time of the attack have been asked to stay where they are – being told that a ‘police incident’ is ongoing.

Police have since launched an anti-terror investigation.

In the aftermath of the attack numerous videos have been posted online showing the armed police presence at the scene:

Notre Dame cathedral and the surrounding area are a huge tourist attraction where there are armed police situated at all times as well as military.

The incident, which is being treated as a terrorist attack, is now believed to be under control.

More to follow