Police Slammed For Posting ‘Humiliating’ Twitter Photo Of Criminal

by : UNILAD on : 22 Nov 2016 13:09

It seems like ‘To protect and to serve’ is only reserved for some citizens as the police in Pasco, Florida, think it’s acceptable to post a ‘Sad Criminal of the Day’ on Twitter.


Having detained 21-year-old Marquis Porter officers seemed to think it was fine to hold him by his dreadlocks while he cried and they took their little social media snap, reports Elite Daily.

It’s hard to believe that these thing genuinely happen, and worse, some people find it funny… but thankfully, most sane individuals are absolutely outraged.

The authorities have been trying to jazz up their social media, so obviously thought some humiliating and divisive content would do the trick.


But it seems the photo of Porter – who had been arrested on suspicion of driving and drug offences – has caused quite a backlash.

The feedback has put the police in their place – it’s got to be pretty embarrassing for the authorities to be told off and set straight by citizens.

One person commented on their Facebook page:

I understand posting pics of criminals to raise awareness about dangerous people, but this is just about humiliating and dehumanising someone, I don’t care who you are, you don’t deserve to be broadcast to the world at your lowest point for social media bigots to make fun of you.

This photo was later deleted from their Facebook page…


This serves absolutely no purpose except to cause public humiliation and fuel incorrect racial stereotypes.


It’s dehumanising and an absolute disgrace, they should be seriously embarrassed as an authority meant to protect all their citizens.

Instead of apologising, they’ve run away and deleted their Facebook page.

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